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Thank you for this event, very nice meetings to act and really interesting exhibitors: The day "Réduisons et Valorisons les déchets" organized by LE VILLAGE BY CREDIT AGRICOLE PROVENCE COTE D'AZUR

Our secure platform has been published! The purpose is to propose to organizations and independents professionals of training to publish their offers in compliance with the requirements of the National Quality Reference QUALIOPI : this service available online on browsers and mobiles allows you to meet the indicators 1 and 2 and 3 (we make sure!) and to benefit from a visibility on the web to receive requests for training in all simplicity.

We congratulate our former trainees who have brilliantly obtained their diplomas and we wish them a continuation rich in experience and evolution in their career!
Thank you young people 👍

The whole EMOBDEV team including our two new SUPER interns in web development from AFPA Nicolas and Mathieu, wish you a happy new year 2022 in compliance with government and health directives! We were all negative to the Covid at the time of the photo, we have adopted the teleworking from the start and it works super well! Take care!


Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality that manifests itself in concrete and useful technological advances at the service of humanity, such as applications in medicine, weather forecasting, assistance to dependent or handicapped people, sustainable resource management, or cybersecurity among others... But AI also means analysing our profile and exploiting our habits, not always with our enlightened consent, for uses that are not always quite ethical, such as encouraging consumerism, even if you are told that it is to serve you better... Where it really raises questions is when AI is used without our knowledge to manipulate us, spy on us, generate fake information or forgeries, or even hack into digital systems! This is why ethics is a responsibility that must be assumed by all digital actors. Ethics is an absolute priority at the heart of our activity and the achievements of our company EMOBDEV SAS and we are 100% committed to it. Translated with

We are proud to join Planet Tech'Care with Numeum and to commit to digital co-responsibility and contribute to reduce the environmental environmental footprint of the digital world.

EMOBDEV SAS is a company that is definitely committed to promoting diversity and, of course, the valorisation and professional transition of women in the digital professions: because the sensitivities and needs of individuals differ, and because we need complementary views and qualities to bring out the best in our creativity: we say yes to parity, yes to diversity!

We are very pleased to welcome Salah-Eddine and Marie who have joined the R&D team. Salah-Eddine completes his double degree of Master and Digital Systems Engineering with an excellent competence in new technologies and cybersecurity, and Marie enters her master's degree with a double speciality of full stack web development and GUI design, we are very proud of their recruitment and really honored that they chose EMOBDEV; we wish them a long career full of exciting projects at EMOBDEV!

We invite you to the inauguration of the new offices which will take place on July 29 and 31, 2021 on reservation using the dedicated form which will allow us to plan your coming and guaranteeing the respect of the distancing gauges according to the slots of your availability and the number of participants.

Anne-Marie Lesas represents EMOBDEV SAS in a double page Article in the special “Women Only” issue of INmagazine Côte d'Azur (June-July 2021 edition)

The entire EMOBDEV team is pleased and honoured to announce that we are now part of the Telecom Valley, "the Côte d'Azur digital facilitator" for major digital companies, and Syntec Numérique networks…

Sytem V Solutions Management an expert in company certification and qualification, has become a partner of EMOBDEV in the design of its solutions dedicated to training professionals.

The company takes a new turn and becomes a SAS with the investment of Nicola Gentile appointed as chairman of the company which becomes EMOBDEV SAS Expertise Mobiquité & Développement. Nicola Gentile is an entrepreneur and member of the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco. He has been running the multi-site training and certified translation company Studio Gentile for over 20 years. Studio Gentile which has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008, has become a partner of EMOBDEV.

Anne-Marie Lesas is appointed to the R&D department to design and develop a digital platform for an ethical and secure virtual office (based on the concept of decentralised web and tokenised peer-to-peer transactions).

Capital increase by incorporation of reserves: the share capital of EMOBDEV now amounts to €15000


EMOBDEV SASU, a one-person simplified joint stock company, was created under the Nice Trade and Companies Register with the purpose of programming and other IT services (service provision, R&D, training, expertise, etc.). After 25 years of experience in the digital industry, its founder Anne-Marie Lesas has taught students in the IT field from Bachelor's to Master's degrees, notably at the MIAGE de Nice, at ESTIA (on the outskirts of Biarritz), at IT University of Madagascar (Antananarivo) and supervised academic innovation projects at the University from 2013 to 2020.

The turnover of EMOBDEV SASU was mainly derived from training, project management and consultancy services, including expert opinions in the context of patent infringement disputes.